Kamila Kočí

Kamila received M.S. in Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague in 1990. In 2008 she obtained Ph.D. in VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. In 2016 she received a Professor of Environment Protection in VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Mining and Geology. She worked for several years as a teacher in the primary and secondary school education. In 2007, she joined the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava as a researcher, later on she became a senior researcher and group leader. She is specializing in various photocatalytic reactions (photocatalytic reduction of CO2, photocatalytic decomposition of N2O, ammonia and water splitting) and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) of volatile organic compounds and. She is also specializing in physico-chemical properties of nanostructured photocatalysts, kinetics and mechanisms of photochemical reactions and chemical engineering. Kamila is tutor of 5 bachelor works, 11 diploma works and 9 PhD students (6 finished). Kamila was an applicant or co-applicant of 6 research project. She has authored and co-authored 84 research papers that have been cited more than 2800 times. She is also author of 1 monograph, 1 textbook and 2 utility models. Hirsch index: 28 (WoS, January 2023).