Rudolf Ricka

Rudolf received MSc. degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava in 2021. In the same year, he started his Ph.D. studies and since 2022, he has been a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Environmental Technology, a part of Centre of Energy and Environmental Technology, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava. Currently, he is a member of the heterogeneous photocatalysis team led by prof. Kamila Kočí. His research activities are mainly focused on the detailed study of photocatalytic reactions (photocatalytic reduction of CO2, photocatalytic decomposition of N2O and photocatalytic hydrogen production). He is also involved in the synthesis, characterization and application of nanostructured photocatalysts. Rudolf has co-authored 1 scientific publication to date. He is a member of the research team of the bilateral CSF project No. 21-24268K “Conversion of CO2 into useful chemicals by catalytic and photocatalytic processes in the presence of highly active materials” and of the project “Research on photocatalytically active materials suitable for photocatalytic CO2 reduction” within the programme RRC/12/2022: Support for Science and Research in the Moravian-Silesian Region 2022.