Štěpán Kment

Assoc. Prof. Štěpán Kment, Ph.D. the PI of SAN4Fuel project is the head of the CATRIN research group Photochemistry having 17 team mainly international members. He has visited and worked in several universities and research institutions around the world including University of Nebraska – Lincoln (USA), Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen (Germany), Institute of Physics ASCR (Prague, CZ). He is an author and a co-author of more than 130 scientific publications (e.g., Chem. Rev., Chem. Soc. Rev., Adv. Mater., Chem Catal., ACS Nano, Small, ACS Catal., Adv. unct. Mater. etc., more than 3200 citations, h-index 35 (GS).  He has been awarded several prestigious research grants acting in the role of the PI  MEYS – Operational Programme Research, Development, and Education (2017 – 2022, EUR 5 Mil.), and 4 GACR projects. His research interests include developing and synthesizing a large family of various 0D-3D nanostructures showing unprecedented performances in renewable energy applications. Last few years, he has been focusing on the exploration of several types of co-catalysts and hybrid nanostructures in photocatalysts and the description of mechanistic functionality of the related photocatalytic processes.