3rd away meeting of CZARMA
co-organised by Technology Centre Prague working Group on Financial and Legal Management of H2020/HE Projects – FINPRA

When? 10-11 April 2024
Where? Třešť

NanoLumCat Ostrava Workshop: Revealing the Future of Light Transformation

When? 8 – 10 April 2024
Where? IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center

Further information you can find at the following link.

UPOL and VŠB-TUO SAN4Fuel Teams‘ Annual Meeting: Exploring Single-Atom-Based Photo-Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction – Preparation, Characterization, Performance, and Theoretical Analysis

Where? Business Centre VSB-TUO, Kovork, Ostrava, Czech Republic

When? 12 December 2023

Annual Meeting on Advanced Preparation and Characterization Methods for Highly Active Single-Atom-Based Photocatalysts

Where? CATRIN – Regional Centre for Advanced Technologies and Materials, Olomouc, Czech Republic

When? 25 October 2023

Workshops How to Horizon Europe organized by Technology Centre Prague

The workshops were focused on budgeting and expense reporting, and project coordination.

Where? Technology Centre Prague, conference room Vltava, Prague, Czech republic

When? 9 October and 12 October 2023

CZARMA Conference and 2nd Membership Meeting

The conference was attended by 6 representatives of dedicated support providers and more than 180 members of the association, with a further 80 attending the event online. The focal point of the programme was a panel of grant providers, in which providers discussed and answered questions about possible future simplifications of administrative tasks related to the preparation, evaluation, management and control of scientific research projects.

Where? Blue Auditorium of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

When? 3 October 2023

Workshop on Integrating Experimental and Computational Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications and High-Value Chemical Synthesis at UPOL – VŠB-TUO Within the Twinning Project.

The workshop was focused on the potential of using computational approaches in the design of advanced materials and the analysis of the mechanism of their action in catalytic energy, biomedical or environmental applications.

Where? Business Centre VSB-TUO, room BC232, Ostrava, Czech Republic

When? 19 September 2023

Color of Ostrava Festival

Doc. Kment presented the SAN4Fuel project at the music festival in Ostrava, one of the most important national festivals in the Czech republic and the largest European discussion forum Meltingpot.

When? 22 July 2023

Where? Dolní Vítkovice (DOV), Ostrava, Czech Republic

Project 1st Summer School

The topic of the summer school was the development of new materials using atomic engineering, their characterization, but also the preparation of publications for prestigious professional journals or the possibilities of succeeding in the project challenges of the Horizon Europe program and others.

When? 15 May 2023

Where? Dolní Vítkovice (DOV), Ostrava, Czech Republic


Earma konference Prague 2023

The theme of the conference was Widening and Deepening of the RMA Profession. The theme covered both geographic widening as well as professional widening and the concept of deepening relates to the professional developments of RMAs in Europe and beyond.

When? 24 – 26 April 2023

Where? Conference Centre City, Prague, Czech republic

31st meeting of TC Praha working group „Financial and legal managers H2020/HE“

Colleagues from Palacky University Olomouc and VSB-Technical university of Ostrava attended the meeting focused on Financial and administrative management of European projects that was.organized by The Technology Centre Prague.

When? 21 – 22 March 2023

Where? Liblice castle, Czech Republic

Project Kick-Off Meeting

When? 22-23 March 2023

Where? CATRIN – Regional Centre for Advanced Technologies and Materials, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Meeting program